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hi there!
I started this website on November 23rd, 2012, while having one of my usual cold showers.
Lipothermia is my play on "Liposuction" through "Hypothermia".
Burning fat to bring back the body's temperature to normal after lowering it with cold water.
I am proud to say that I have been doing cold showers for the past 5 years.
It started as a way to cut down on my electric bill.
But I was in for a pleasant surprise.
Weight loss
better mood
better health.
BEWARE: I am not a doctor! If you do choose to switch to cold showers, you do it at your own risks.
If you are in bad health, you may need to go really easy, or maybe not at all. Please listen to your body.

What would happen if the whole country, the whole world, went to cold showers instead of warm showers?
huge savings in electricity/fuel consumption
slimmer population
happier healthier people
lots of people with purple faces :-)

Yup, the problem with cold water is that the skin of your face will get a nice glow an hour or two after the shower, once your body warms back up.
And for the Ladies, washing long hair with cold water is no fun at all.

My tips to survive cold showers:
- start in the summer when water is the warmest.
- when you have a fever, do not do cold showers.
- try to eat more omega3 oil (sardines, canola, canola mayo), since it's an oil that stays liquid at colder temperatures. (Fish are full of it because they could just not function with regular oil in cold water).
- go all in, all cold, first thing. Once your body temperature has dropped, it's a lot easier.
- if that helps, pretend you're at an expensive spa that offers a weight loss treatment, and you paid $100 for this cold shower. Or think you're a caveman from the ice age. Whatever works.

Why am I hooked on cold showers?
Well, I am a fun guy who likes to do things that look a bit crazy.
And, the cold shower really shows you who's boss. It's a good lesson in humility, and it's a good way to recalibrate your psyche to tell the difference between what matters and what does not, between what's easy and what's tough.
I feel younger, have better circulation, and thanks to the extra calories burned, I get to enjoy more food without gaining too much weight.
The shower head has literally become the Fountain of Youth!
- - Remy
Flatbiking concept - BoPette - SnorAx


Cold showers suck, but every time I do one, I grow stronger. I can feel my self-discipline increasing. To be successful as an entrepreneur, I know I will have to make hard decisions, do things that are uncomfortable and work under stressful conditions. Cold showers are like pushups for my self-discipline.
It also helps me temper my emotional responses to things. I no longer have the panicky feeling that a ton cold water on your skin gives you for more than a few seconds when I take my cold showers - I've trained myself to calm down and overcome this natural response. And I've noticed this ability to temper my response overlap into other areas of my life.

Taking Cold Showers - The art of ass-kicking

The Spartans, hard-asses that they were, felt hot water was for the weak and unmanly. When they did take baths (which was, like, once a year) they used only cold water because they thought it tempered the body and made it vigorous for ass kicking.
The Art of Manliness

Exposing your whole body to cold water for short periods of time is used to promote "hardening." Hardening is the exposure to a natural stimulus, such as cold water, that results in increased tolerance to stress and/or disease.
Why a Cold Shower May Be More Beneficial for Health than a Warm One

- reduction in muscle soreness after running a marathon
- improved quality of sleep
- decrease of uric acid level in blood plasma
- inhibition of purine metabolism (gout)
- long-term antioxidative adaptation
- improved tone of the skin and muscles
- reduction in uremic pruritus (a major problem for patients with end-stage renal disease)
- increase in brown fat cells, which protect from aging; fight obesity, diabetes, and heart disease

Cold Shower Benefits, Rules and Restrictions

If you're capable of the small task of holding your body under cold water in the morning for a few minutes, then you are definitely going to be able to do the big tasks in life such as conduct yourself with humility day to day, close big business deals, raise your children with wholesome values, be extremely productive, win that race you're going to run a week from now, etc...
One of the best kept antiaging secrets is how cold showers can keep your skin glowing and radiant looking

Depression is yet another thing that cold showers help and prevent. It is caused by the stimulating effect the cold has on the brains "blue spot", the main source of noradrenaline for our bodies, a chemical that might be used to help alleviate depression.
10 Health Benefits of Cold Showers

Researchers believe that the increased metabolic rate, which results from the body's attempt to warm itself up, activates the immune system and releases more white blood cells in response. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that people who take regular cold showers are less likely to develop colds, flu's, and even some forms of cancer.
Ten Health Benefits of Cold Showers

About two months ago I was having yet another anxiety attack in the middle of the night. I got up and Googled and wound up at your site. Thank goodness! I read all the testamonials for Cold Shower Therapy. I tried it and much to my amazement I have felt so much better! I am grounded,emotionally stable and strong. My skin feels fabulous, my hair is soft and shiny, I am energized and also relaxed. I have tried so many treatments for severe depression,anxiety and panic attacks. CST has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, I now sleep so well that I am having amazing dreams as well.
Sandy from San Rafael, CA

Rondthaler credits his long and healthy life to clean living, good genes, and regular cold showers.
100-year-old: Try cold showers for long life

Normalize your blood pressure
Decrease chronic pain
Train and improve your blood circulation
Detoxify your body
Fight fatigue

What a Cold Shower Can Do For You

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